Gandhi on Secret Wall Street Society, Morrissey, Spirulina, Sugarcamp Films, Music on Twitter, & The Psychology of Leading

On Secret Wall Street Society-  I don’t normally watch CNN, but I happened to have found myself tracking a very interesting story about a Wall Street “Closed Door Frat Party.”  That headline, along with having just seen Scorsese’s “Wolf of Wall Street” were enough to motivate me to learn more.  Kevin Roose, writer for New York Magazine, party crashed the Kappa Beta Phi Party (“The Party, the 1% doesn’t want you to see”)- and found out that a lot of the concerns -some of us 99%- have with respect to the moral fiber of the Wall Street community are warranted.  As Kevin describes in the interview below, the party he crashed was a bit like “Wolf of Wall Street on steroids!”  In addition to writing for the magazine, it turns out, Kevin has also thoughtfully approached capturing a pulse on how the young bankers of Wall Street operate.  His book, “Young Money” – gets into his view on the moral compass of the young generation of bankers.  Sounds worth checking out.  The CNN interview here-

Word of the week: “Spirulina” – turns out this is a dietary supplement.  I read/heard somewhere that daily dosage of “Spirulina”, Broccoli, and Green Tea Extract would help a person increase energy. There’s a product on the market called, “Green Goodness” from “Bolthouse Farms” that contains all 3 ingredients in a smoothie drink – I haven’t tried it, but this idea of a daily boosting of energy is appealing.  It apparently tastes good- from my vantage point, that’s mandatory.  Feedback on my “Green Goodness” experience in the next issue of this Newsletter.

On GANDHI ON ISRAELI TV?  –> Yes, I did an international commercial spot for an Israeli Dairy Company, “Gad Dairy”  You can check it out here –

On MORRISSEY – I first came across Morrissey, while dancing to “Bigmouth Strikes Again” by “The Smiths” at the New York City Night Club, “Palladium” – I remember just losing myself with my friends and in the dance I began to find for myself to the music of his voice and the beautiful rich sound of that band.  It was only years later, upon a close friends suggestion, that I would begin to read the lyrics of that song (and other Morrissey classics) beginning “sweetness, sweetness, I was only joking when I said I’d like to smash every tooth in your head” – What?  Not what I was expecting at all! Oh Morrissey you dark dark lovely man!  I don’t know a lot about Manchester, UK. (where he is from)- but, from what I understand, it’s fundamentally working class, and can lean depressing.  Morrissey, brutally honest and committed to his point of view- which is lovely- now gets on his News Site “True to You” and directly communicates with visitors, answering questions ranging from his song inspirations to his committed vegetarian lifestyle.  Very true and cool.

Now we come to February 2014 and a special moment for Morrissey as he begins work with The Strokes producer, Joe Chiccarelli on Morrissey’s first album since 2009’s “Years of Refusal.”  More on this and an upcoming Morrissey novel here-

Morrissey “True to You” News site:  

On THE PSYCHOLOGY OF LEADING – Excerpt from recent “Psychology Today” article on “The Driving Furies of Dr. Martin Luther King” (person of interest section Jan issue 2014)- “Psychiartists and psychologists see being “adjusted” as fitting in, being accepted, “functioning” well.  We tend to be rewarded for being well-adjusted, but King realized that to solve life’s problems, especially the most profound- rascism, poverty, and war- we have to become, in a sense, abnormal.”  “We have to stop accepting what everyone else believes.  We have to become maladjusted if we are to be creative, and then we may find that insoluble dilemmas are masks for unrecognized problems with simple solutions.”  Nassir Ghaemi (Professor of Psychiatry at Tufts Medical Ctr.)

Featured Media Company: SUGARCAMP FILMS

Sugarcamp Films shoots, directs, produces and creates some of the finest promotional/sizzle reels in the Entertainment Industry.   Their short form promotional & documentary pieces are outstanding.  Some of the companies they have created  promotional videos for are Vitamin Water, American Heart Association Campaigns, Celebrity Chefs, Celebrity Stylists, High End Fashion Models, Pharma Products, and a Sandy Hook “Navel Fleet Week” documentary.

Here’s a real cool promotional piece they did for Barilla (The Pasta Company) featuring US Olympic Ski Champion, Bode Miller –

More on Sugarcamp Films here-

On MUSIC ON TWITTER  I’ve found myself as a musician and as a fan of music – from time to time- being very critical of the current contemporary music and music scene.  I recently realized that I am experiencing one of those moments again.  I’m struggling with finding contemporary artists I really connect with and finding that I’m going back to eras that I often re-visit for comfort and security of knowing I will enjoy the listening.  I recently discovered “Music on Twitter” and an “Emerging Artists” section that has gotten my attention.  You can quickly preview an artist by way of a featured track that plays as you enter that segment of the site. From here, if you wanna explore, you can- by way of Spotify, iTunes, rdio, …As a singer songwriter, I’m finding this type of exploration critical – so to understand/experience my contemporaries work and be influenced.  As a fan/listener I wanna be surprised, relate, and experience new- that is familiar, and keeps me interested in the evolving medium.  Though, he riveted a worldwide Superbowl audience, Bruno Mars, who is now well known internationally- had a moment for me (on “Music on Twitter”) where he caught my attention with a track that captures the essence of Reggae, the rhythm, the bass line, drums- all of it, and his voice riding a top like a young Marley.  Brilliant and all by age 28.  Check it out, song is called, “Show Me” off “Unorthodox Jukebox”

On “RAKE” The legal TV dramas have never really done it for me.  I am regular visitor to Hulu (free Internet TV station) and I recently began watching “Rake” – The show has Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award winner Greg Kinnear (“Little Miss Sunshine,” “The Kennedys”) playing the lead principle role.  From my vantage point, the guy simply knocks it out of the park.  Charming defense attorney plus self destructive personal life-  no one plays this better than Mr. Kinnear.

Lastly, as promised, come over to soundcloud and download a free copy of upcoming Gandhi single release “Color Yourself” –

Oh…Yes, we are now officially #3 on the singer songwriter charts for New York on Reverbnation.  Enjoy our work and provide feedback where and when you like.




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