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Gandhi on new NBC TV Series – The Mysteries of Laura
New York City based Cop shows come and go. There are probably way too many of them. I mean there were 3 different Law & Order shows being shot, edited, and produced out of the film set city during the same time frame. This fall, at 8pm est on Sept 22nd, NBC added yet another Cop show – yes, the Debra Messing led cast for “The Mysteries of Laura.” Having seen all of the first 5 episodes and been a guest star “street vendor” for Episode 6- I find 80% of this show to be formatted very similar to many of the other NYC Cop shows. The remaining 20% brings great character development through both the acting and the writing. The 2 leads – Debra Messing and Laz Alonso – and 3 supporting cast members (led by Josh Lucas) have already created strong relationships and the writing works particularly well during the parts of the show where their group precinct meetings reveal and then accelerate to have them uncover leads and capture the bad guys. Episodes 1 – 5 can be seen for free on Hulu. Episode 6- “Mystery of the Red Runway” includes yours truly as a guest star and can be seen live on NBC Wed Oct 22nd at 8pm EST. If you miss the show, just go to Hulu and watch any of the first 6 episodes for free!

Global Poverty Project
Their vision is a world without poverty. Sounds extremely reasonable. This isn’t just talk though. The Non-Profit is building an unstoppable movement of Global Citizens who are committed to taking action in support of the world’s poor is at the center of their organizational strategy. Their vision: “A world without extreme poverty by 2030.” Their Mission: “Growing the number and effectiveness of Global Citizens to achieve the public, business and political commitment and action to end extreme poverty.” is the online platform that serves as the basis of our work with Global Citizens. Since launching in August 2012, more than 250,000 Global Citizens have joined, taking more than 1.75 million actions, and contributing to more than 35 campaign victories and announcements. Most recently on Sept 29th in Central Park, New York City- a concert was organized by the Global Poverty Project who is responsible for “Live Below the Line” and supported by an assemblage of charities and campaigners with one overriding objective in mind – to end extreme poverty within a generation. Led by CEO, Hugh Evans, – and a team of many others their hope was that they would inspire those that attended to take seriously the opportunity to join & contribute to the ongoing movement. And they achieved a result to be proud of. As far as charity shows go, there’s probably no better place on the planet than Central Park at the beginning of autumn. Thousands of people united in their one sole purpose – to stand as Global Citizens who have campaigned and fought for the end of world poverty.

More about Global Poverty Project here-

The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering
Continuing on the thematic of endowment/contribution for the Arts – a great example of this here in New York City this fall is the International Fine Art & Antiques Show at the Armory on 67th st and Park Ave. Artists from around the world bring their finest art and antiques to raise money for a worthy cause. This time it’s Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Preview party event on Oct 16th where the focus on contributing dollars to patient care, cancer research, and education. So, 1000’s will come over to the Armory Oct 17th – 23rd to view, purchase, and contribute. Admission % from the Oct 16th Preview Party will go right to the foundation for contribution to the three areas above. More info on The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center here-

Gandhi & Liftoff Records-
Over the past couple of years I’ve been working hard to connect with musicians, labels, local movers & shakers in the NYC Music Movement. I came across Vin Scialla and Liftoff Records many years ago and more recently have begun to collaborate on tracks with Liftoff that hopefully capture the essence of music’s important involvement in local and global movements (political, social, and economic.) Though Liftoff has a bend towards Modern Fusion Jazz and a history of ancient raga cycles meeting straight up moonwalking beats – For me as a singer songwriter there was no better home for what I was/am attempting to communicate w lyrics and a feeling from the streets of New York City. The last track we collaborated on which releases later this year reflects on important (grass root) street movements like the 2011 “Occupy Wall street” push. This track “Rebel On” will hopefully connect and inspire with you in that way!
Check out Liftoff Records here –

Gandhi on WBAI 99.5FM – Live segment –
Lastly, Come and Join Gandhi and a host of other great singer songwriters and bands to support Community Oriented Radio Programming. WBAI Radio 99.5FM has a live on the air Music Show coming up this Tue Oct 21st from 2pm – 4pm EST. The “Artsy Fartsy Show” is the segment and it is helping WBAI 99.5FM with this on air membership drive by broadcasting the live music special. During the event they will give an album (of all us performers donated tracks) to members who donate to WBAI. More on WBAI and The Artsy Fartsy Show here-

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