Gandhi on Mandela, American Hustle, Satchel Paige, Living on Mars, & A Springsteen Cover

On Mandela
He an icon of freedom in Africa and the world -Though differing, from another great freedom fighter, Gandhi, in their approach and specific cause, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi – both led freedom fighting revolutions out of South Africa. “Mahatma” through passive resistance and “Mandela” “through non-violent protest for as long as it was effective.” Both men were effective. The common ground, *they reached their convictions through deep inward journeys, undertaken in circumstances of humiliation or imprisonment, journeys that took them beyond instincts of violent reprisal, and ushered them to the inner stillness that is the very thing an agitated world finds most riveting. (* Cohen R. (2012, December 12). “Gandhi and Mandela” The New York Times, p A1)

Word of the week: “Ubuntu” – A word often used by Nelson Mandela, meaning “human kindness”

Mandela and American Hustle? Yes, both in the “The New Yorker” this week. One an article and great tribute for a true revolutionary figure who rivets the cover of the magazine’s Dec 12th issue. The other, just a great review for a movie- More to come -in the upcoming issue of this newsletter -after I actually see the movie tonight! 🙂

“American Hustle”
Movie Review
Movie Review#2

Perspective on Age an always interesting topic: A dear friend recently reminded me of the the story of Satchel Paige.
He was a sportsman, a baseball player, born during an era when the American National Pastime, “Baseball” and his ethnic background were not a fit. His career: The greater majority of it played within the shadows of the “major” league- known now-as “Major League Baseball.” Read more here:

His Philosophy-
“Ain’t no man avoid being born common, but there ain’t no man got to be common.”
Satchel Paige

“Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”
Satchel Paige

Share back: Please send over stories of incredible life & career journeys

The “Mars One” project, which has been soliciting applications for prospective space pioneers to live on Mars, announced on Monday it had received over 200,000 applications from more than 140 countries. The applicants are still a long way off from Martian living, however, as six-to-ten teams of four people are set to be selected by 2015 to undergo seven years of training. Then, in 2023, “one of these teams will become the first humans ever to land on Mars and live there for the rest of their lives,” reads the “Mars One” website. (source:, written by: Elliot Hannon)

Check “best” video application submissions here:

If you are, like me, a fan of the hit 1959 TV series “Twilight Zone” – There are two great episodes regarding isolated AND group life on another planet. Brilliant show creator, Rod Serling tells these stories here-

(You can catch them for free on “Hulu”)

Current World Population: 7.199 Billion

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