Gandhi on Applebees, Reality Television, Rough Trade Records, American Cities, & Salividor Dali

On REALITY TELEVISION-  This medium continues to thrive not only in America, but the world over.  I have mixed feelings – as an artist, involved in music and acting- being a product of the 80s and 90s – now operating within a culture obsessed with fame to the point where television consistently offers a vehicle for just about any type of unveiled life activity to now have voice to a network TV community.  A community that clearly relates and asks for more and more of these shows.  I.e. there is a obviously a huge market for the Reality TV format. And it continues to grow. I work towards more commercial viability in music and acting.  I develop my brand and I seek and draw a specific type of community/tribe of followers typically with “like” interests.  I am no different in that way to those seeking attention for their work through the Reality TV format.  Chefs cooking, competing and participating on Reality Television shows – the format provides a vehicle for they to present their “art.” And they draw a community of followers with “like” interests.  I have no problem with that.  The taste and quality of programming is where my issue with Reality Television lies.  There are some great writers at The New York Times that do a consistent and thoughtful job of commenting on this medium.  You can check out the work of these writers here-

Word of the week: “Non-algorithmic” – A word that describes the impossibility of describing an activity/phenomenon in a step wise manner.

ROUGH TRADE RECORDS offers “a non-algorithmic” way for folks to discover music. Simply put- they are a modern record store.  Like minded folks can now swing by their newest location- Williamsburg, Brooklyn and spend time perusing the records, while watching/listening to live bands perform on a stage adjacent to the main record store floor.  Pretty cool. Read more in this December issue of “The New Yorker” –

“APPLEBEES?” – “What the What!?” –> Yes, I did a national commercial spot for the casual dining chain.  You can check it out here ––2t6q5LRkO6iEdxk5l


I had read somewhere that you could buy a house – an actual house – in Detroit for $6,000.  I began to research what was going on in a city not too far from my heart and where I grew up.  The findings were (not all that) astonishing. Declining manufacturing, recent collapse of the housing market, a shrinking population, high unemployment and high debt and you now have a devastated city. Having grown up in Fort Wayne, Indiana- only 3 hours from Detroit , and many other major American Cities (Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis…) -something like this still seems inconceivable.  An actual city that is dying.  Motown, the Lions, the Tigers, the Pistons, Greek Town, the Motor City…Great recent rock/rap revival – The White Stripes, Eminem…Wow! No good.  Really, this is no good.  How do you help what has happened here? How do you cultivate a re-birth?  It’s likely too soon to shape a vision, an achievable vision for this once proud and diverse city.  Though, my best instincts, they dive into a dream of this city’s artists becoming a spark, or at least one spark to catalyze the road back to prosperity for Detroit.  Read more on this city’s current situation here-

And read one example of an Art happening working to stimulate and draw people back into the city here –

René Magritte & Salividor Dali

I recently visited Spain and a small town called, Figueres, in the Catalonia region of Spain. About a 2 hour train ride from Barcelona.  There I studied for the first time, the work of Salividor Dali.  Gifted, bright, a super hard worker, and an amazing marketer.  That’s what I discovered.  And that I do love his later work. It’s the progression of his work- the seeing -through the catalog of his work -his evolution as an Artist.  I had a very similar experience with Picasso – I watched him grow from age 13 to his death – through his paintings- amazing.  Again, the evolution of his craft drew me in and kept me in the Barcelona based Museum for hours. Finally, this week, I discovered another (like Dali) from the golden era of surrealism- René Magritte.  His work sits over at MOMA here in New York City.  I shall be there soon and will report my findings in the next Gandhi Newsletter one month from now. More on René Magritte here-



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